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Local Attractions

Kodanad Elephant Camp::   Kodanad is situated in the south bank of river periyar. It is 42 kms from cochin. Kodanad Elephant camp is a rescue shelter for elephants. Kodanad attracts tourists , film shooting crews from across the globe. Kodanad offers elephant safari to the visitors at the main park. At the park, the old 'Kraal' is maintained to house elephants, which is a structure made of wood compartments that can accommodate up to 4 elephants.

Boothankettu Dam ::    It is a dam situated 10 kms away from Kothamangalam town and
also 50 kms away from Cochin. It is in a village called Pindimana. It attracts large number of tourists every year. There were two floods happened in this place one in the 4th century and another in 1341 which opened the port of Kochi. The landslides during the flood is believed to have caused gigantic rocks to roll down from the mountain and become entrenched in the Old Bhoothathankettu.

Kalady Sree Sankaracharya Temple::   Sage Sree Sankaracharya is the great
philoshopher lived in the 8 th century was born in the peacefull village Kalady. It is in the banks of periyar river. 168 feet height and 62 bottom diameter stupa of Sankaracarya gives the entire life history. A few temples like sree sankarracharya, sarada devi, sri Krishna and sri Ramakrishna adds sancity to the place. Kalady is 5 kms from Cochin International Airport.